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      What do I really want to do …
   What are my real skills and strengths …
   How can I get more career satisfaction …
   I’m feeling unchallenged and flat …
   There’s got to be more to life than this …
   I don’t know what’s out there …
   How do I make the right choice…

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Should I change my career?
If you have been thinking about a career change for a while but you’ve done nothing about it, you are not alone
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Our new book was successfully launched on

4th September by Dunmore Publishing

Work Passion Power 

Strategies for a working life you will love

Further information about the book including RNZ interview, book overviews go to:

Orders can be made at (or ask for it at bookshops) 



Clarity and Caring
Mandy, Business Manager

“Thanks so much for our session together on Monday. I feel so much clearer, as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I really appreciate your time and genuine interest and caring.”


All images on this site are real slices of New Zealand life from Forté at work and at play 
Taken by Max Harre


Ben: From engineer to teacher to yacht designer »
Jenny: Coaching for CV & interview excellence »
Roland: Thriving after Redundancy »


Are you in the right work situation doing the right thing? Or is it time to review and take action?

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Jude interviewing Fran

 Listen to Fran being
interviewed on TV 1
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