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Established in 2003

Max Harré

Max Harré

Employment & Business Specialist
Executive and business coach

Professional Member - Career Development Association of New Zealand (Current 2017)

Since 1990 Max has held management and research positions in large organisations. Over the last ten years he has …

  • Assessed over a thousand CVs
  • Been involved with the employment of dozens of knowledge workers into a wide variety of positions from office assistants to CEOs
  • Interviewed hundreds of people & developed a deep understanding of what’s happening in the world of work – the trends and issues impacting people’s careers and employment.


  • MSc (Hons) Resource Management
  • MA (Hons) Philosophy
  • Dip Teaching
  • BSc Physics

Max’s lifelong interest and passion is making sense of the changes happening in society through research and teaching – getting the latest information and sharing it with others. He’s held positions in  …

  • Management –  environmental, economic, and social policy development in local government.
  • Research – Senior Research Fellow at Auckland University School of Medicine.
  • Academic teaching – mathematics & tutoring in philosophy
  • Seminar design and delivery for small business niche development – co-inventor of the Forte Business in Action Training Programme with his Wife and business partner Frances.
  • Developing cutting edge applications of agile methods for knowledge workers keen on improving effectiveness, productivity and gaining increased satisfaction with work.

    His special interest is in high impact areas of rapid social change affecting everyone - from concerns about artificial intelligence, to economic development in relation to employment and small business.

    “The Research Department”

    In the field of careers, business, jobs, work and employment new information and approaches are emerging almost daily. Max has a talent for bringing clarity to this confusion. He is known for being up with the latest information, ideas and understanding and at Forté he is (fondly) called “The Research Department”.

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