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(1) Ben's Story:  From engineer to teacher to yacht designer

Stressed and burnt-out ...
Ben was a qualified engineer who had been teaching for some time. He came to us at a time in his life when teaching had become impossible for him. Stressed and burnt-out, he had abandoned teaching altogether. He was working as a tradesman for cash flow and was not certain where to head next.

Re-discovering a real passion ...
Ben has many skills and strengths, the initial task was to discover what he was not only good at, but really interested in. During the detailed process of uncovering these it became evident that he had a real passion for yacht design - in fact he had numerous design ideas and detailed drawings under the bed!  Even as a teenager he always had a pile of yacht designs under the bed, but he had thought of this interest as "just a hobby".  He never considered the real world of yacht design as a possibility for himself - it was a dream career only available to a few lucky talented ones.

Research and training ...
We set up a research project for Ben to assess what it would take to develop this talent into a sustainable career path. This covered a number of things he needed to find out and understand so he could move forward with confidence.

New life ...
Ben is now in Australia pursuing a career in boat design. The whole process took two years.

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