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(3) Jenny's experience: Coaching for interview.

Wanting to change direction …
I wished to apply for a position in a totally different area to the one I had been working in for many years (a professional social services position in a large corporate organisation). I was not the obvious candidate and my experience and qualifications were not directly relevant.

Gaining clarity and conviction …
With the help of Fran and Max I was able to be convincing and clear about how my skills, qualifications and experience were directly transferable to the new area and the position I was wanting.

I am not sure I would have been successful without their coaching. I thought I had a lot of skill in this arena but found they had plenty to teach me.

I used Fran and Max for both feedback on my CV and for interview preparation.

Consolidating and focussing my CV …
I knew I had to clearly set out how my skills matched the job but I couldn’t see how to do that within the context of my existing CV. So I had created two documents, which were repetitive. They helped me have the courage to integrate and significantly shorten the two documents. My resulting CV was clearly focussed on the skills and  performance indicators of the position I was seeking. They were quickly able to tell me what was relevant and what to delete, as well as giving useful advice on the style and layout of my CV.

Preparing for the interviews …
For interview preparation I had done a lot of background reading on the area I wanted to move into but had not prepared specific answers to interview questions. Fran and Max were able to identify what was likely to happen in the interview and then gave me feedback on the answers I had, helping me demonstrated my abilities to the maximum.

They also gave me a whole new take on interview technique that proved very successful.

Getting clear and direct feedback …
However, more important than the technical advice and coaching they provided, the whole process of working with them was a pleasure. They were very clear and direct with feedback and suggestions for change, but did it in a way that allowed me to feel confident and good about myself.

I went to the interviews feeling fully prepared, happy and confident.

Success !
Jenny got the position and made a very successful transition into her new career.

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