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(5) Roland writes on Thriving after Redundancy

I’ll put down my guiding thoughts that took me through from impending redundancy, redundancy and finally securing a new role. These thoughts were largely stimulated through our sessions. Thanks! I'm grateful for our time and look back upon it as the best thing I did during this difficult time.

Research methods lending a sense of dignity …
The research methods you taught me give a sense of empowerment.  They give you a sense of dignity and take your mind off "looking for work" and finding where and what you want to do next.

I found that the "researching" approach was useful because it enabled me to discover things without scaring people off. It was also critical in helping me gather enough knowledge to decide not to take a certain career path without having to commit to it first to find out!

You taught me about valuing my "unique skill set". I never forgot this and it gave me the confidence to put myself out there

Cheers to your excellent advice!

Success !
Roland successfully secured a Senior Sales Executive position in an international software company and is extremely pleased with the process he went through to achieve this.

Really taking off: Recent update from Roland …
Just wanted to drop you a note to say hi! Hope things are well. You were a big part of helping me so I just wanted to tell you what the bottom line has been for me. If I was to summarise what I took from our discussions it has been self-belief, optimism and positivity.  Work has really been taking off internationally …

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