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Out of the comfort zone

Frances and Max interviewed by Vicki Jayne

There are the thirty-somethings who find they have caught the wrong career train and want off; the forty-somethings sitting on a solid career base that seems to have lost its meaning; or the fifty-somethings who realise traditional retirement has become a receding mirage and can't face another 20 years at the same old coalface.

The stressed, restless or just plain bored are increasingly looking at their workplace and asking "is this all there is?"

There are inspiring stories of people who've abandoned jobs to pursue a passion; turned hobbies into a small business or swapped financial reward for lifestyle.  But just how easy is it to make a mid-life career change? What are the pitfalls?

"I think problems happen when people aren't clear about what they really want," says Frances Harre, senior consultant at Forte Career & Business Designs Limited.

"They get sick of one thing and have a stab at something else rather than carefully constructing something that is the right fit for them."  ?

Some find new possibilities in the present workplace. Her husband Max is a good example. A few years ago, he was putting in long hours as a manager in local government, couldn't see an alternative but couldn't bear the thought of doing it for another 20 years. He's still working a six-day week, but only three of them in local government and he's getting a buzz out of it. 

"I guess the first step was talking about what needed to change. There were several things keeping me in that lifestyle - a large mortgage, the belief that my management would never let me go part-time. So it was a matter of systematically addressing each of the barriers," says Max Harre

New Zealand Herald

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