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Established in 2003

Frances Harré

Frances Harré

Principal Career Consultant & Business Coach
Communication specialist

Frances is a career change and development specialist. She is highly qualified and experienced in the applied science of facilitating people to find and build the work future they really want. 

Frances has worked with more than a thousand people during her professional career helping them find what they really want to do and then doing it.


  • Professional Member - Career Development Association of New Zealand (Current 2017)
  • B.A. Social  Science - Double Major in Psychology and Sociology
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Adult Education Specialising in Career Development


  • Since 1997 Frances has been in the practice of Designing Careers and Consulting with individuals, business teams and organisations in relation to career development, career change, communication issues and business coaching.
  • This is on top of fifteen years in the full-time practice of psychotherapy and counselling, a portion of which included career related issues.  For several years she was Senior Counsellor in a public health organisation.
  • Through her business, Forté Career & Business Designs Limited, she also runs management communications training and seminars on Career Change Issues. Along with her Husband, Max Harré, they run programmes on how to transition successfully into your own first business.
  • Agile methods - Frances works with knowledge workers in businesses (with staff, teams, managers, directors) to develop and apply a wide range of agile methods to enhance effectiveness, productivity and satisfaction.


Her clients come from many different life stages: from teenagers choosing study courses to senior executives in some of New Zealand’s largest industries.  But they have two things in common …

  • A desire to clarify what their future direction is.
  • A commitment to do something about it. 

Frances is absolutely committed to you finding out what it is you would really love to do and helping you to get started on achieving it.  This is her central interest. It underpins her total focus on results.

Frances has developed the art of insightful questioning to an advanced level through twenty years of training, research and refection on her experience of working with literally thousands of people.  She has inspiring conversations with people everywhere.  She has even helped clients while holidaying in the tropics and tramping New Zealand’s Great Walks!

The keys to your future

The keys you need to unlock your door to a fulfilling future are unique to you. Sometimes the keys need to be found, sometimes they need to be cut. 

Either way, these keys lie in your answers to the questions Frances will ask you.  She will guide you thorough processes to find answers you can be confident with. She is masterful at listening and asking the questions that will lead you to solutions to your career puzzles, a clear direction and then to effective action towards it.


It is important in this field to have regular independent professional overviews of our work.  Part of Frances’ professional practice includes receiving regular peer-supervision, ongoing training, teaching, and participation in research projects. This gives a structure for professional accountability and keeps us up to date with developments in this field.

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